Consulting Services

Transintegra Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated under Company's Act, India. We aspire to assist business entities, particularly the small and mid-sized pharmaceuticals, medical device companies in improving Research and Development Outputs, Business Opportunities and Mitigating Risks. 

At Transintegra, our leadership team bring R&D experiences from Big Healthcare Giants like Novartis, Allergan, Accenture, Santen Japan, DrReddy’s, Sun Pharma, Torrent and Piramal Healthcare. With effective experience in Managing R&D Strategy and Operation in South Asia, ASEAN, Latin/Central America, MENA, Africa and Australia-NZ.

Apart from consulting services, the company is involved in proprietary R&D activities for point-of-care medical device development. We also support a “not-for-profit” organization for dementia and rare/genetic diseases (


TransIntegra Research & Care Foundation is a "Not-For Profit" organization. The Dementia initiative and the Rare & Genetic Disease initiative, was set up with key focus to explore healthcare needs and possible solutions in healthcare conditions that are difficult to diagnose, with few or no treatment options or when diagnosis and treatment is inaccessible.

Transintegra Research & Care Foundation's effort is to connect patients, caregivers, patient’s advocacy groups, researchers, doctors, industry and the policy makers. To influence the "Stakeholders" in healthcare system for better delivery of "Care". To support patients.

Transintegra Research & Care Foundation